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The traditional Japanese utensil of choice – “Ohashi” (Chopsticks) are one of the simplest and oldest form of utensils used for eating. Chopsticks originated in China almost 5000 years ago, and spread to other East Asian countries, including Japan. In Japan, bamboo and wooden chopsticks are widely used for most meals; from rice bowls to teriyaki dishes. Over time, the chopsticks’ design became shorter, and featured a graceful taper from the handle to tip without sharp edges, which can provide more emphasis on fine movements.

Good table manners create a shared environment of respect – Practicing the etiquette when dining with chopsticks is as essential as learning how to hold the chopsticks correctly. Simple tips such as placing your chopsticks together neatly on your chopstick rest when you are not using them, not using chopsticks to stab food, and not pointing, waving, or playing with your chopsticks are good habits to start with. Learn the proper way to use chopsticks so that you can immerse yourself fully in the Japanese food cultural experience and enjoy the delicious meal.

At Omotenashi, we strive to offer Japanese chopsticks exemplifying the beauty and quality of craftsmanship.

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